Tips for Finding the Best Truck Driving Job for You

Working in the transportation industry and driving a semi-truck can be great, especially if you can find class A CDL jobs that fit your needs. For some drivers, that means over the road or long haul jobs, while others prefer to run shorter dedicated routes that have them home every few days. 

Job Listing Websites

When looking for class A CDL driving jobs, there are some general places to start looking. Many large employment websites list driving positions alongside other jobs, and large companies often use these sites to find candidates. 

The job listing will contain all the information you need to apply, and often you can do it right through the website with your resume or an application on the site. The trucking company will contact you if interested and set up an interview to discuss the position in-depth, allowing you to decide if this is a good job fit for you and if they feel you are a good fit for the company.

Some specific job sites specialize in listing class A CDL jobs that you can also visit to find jobs. The job sites only list driving jobs, so sorting through the listing is often a little easier, but there may not be as many companies listing jobs on the site as one of the larger mainstream job websites. 

Job Placement

If you attended a driving school that offers job placement services, you might be able to call the school and ask about available jobs or companies that are recruiting. Many truck driving schools over lifetime job placement assistance to help graduates find class A CDL jobs in the industry. 

The school may have information about companies offering sign-on bonuses or recruiting for specific jobs that make it easier to narrow down which companies to contact about job vacancies. Often the school can give you a letter of introduction because you are a graduate, which can sometimes help get your foot in the door ahead of other drivers. If you have experience and a clean record, that will further carry weight with the company.

Local Advertising

Trucking companies may put up billboards along the road, place ads in trucking publications, and even post information for jobs on their trailers for drivers to see. These local advertisements are designed to entice the driver who has a job but is looking to change companies or people considering class A CDL jobs but is not currently working in the industry.

Some local job agencies recruit drivers for local companies. You can call the agencies in the area to see if they have any job listings that might be a good fit, and if they don't, they might know some agencies looking for drivers that they can recommend.  

Try any of these resources if you are looking for class A CDL driving jobs