4 Strategies To Help Your Business Save Money On Packaging Costs

Packaging can eat up a lot of your company's monthly budget. If you feel like you are spending too much on packaging, try one of these three tips to cut costs and save a little money will still creating a high quality product.

Use Standard Colors

It can be tempting to upgrade to custom colors for all of your packaging needs. However, before you spring for your next packaging order with customer colors, ask yourself if you really need to use custom colors. If the company that you use for your packaging needs has standard colors that are very close to the shades and tones that you use for your business, save yourself a few dollars and use their standard colors instead. Often times the difference between custom and standard colors is not even obvious to your customer and is not worth the cost.

Order In Bulk

Just like with grocery shopping, if often pays to order in bulk. If you have certain packaging that you know you will be using for the next six months or so, consider placing a larger order. Many printing and packaging companies offer discounts when you order in bulk since they are able to create all your packaging at once. Instead of only purchasing the packaging that you need for the next month, consider purchasing all the packaging you need for the next six months all at once. As long as you have space in your business to store the packages, you can save yourself a lot of money by taking advantage of the discounts that come with larger orders.

Don't Rush Your Orders

Many companies end up paying more for packaging then they need to because they wait until the last minute to place a packaging order and end up having to pay for expedited shipping. Even if you don't order in bulk, make sure you place your orders far enough in advanced that you only have to pay for regular shipping and handling. If you have a hard time remember to place your order, set up a recurring order with your packaging company. That way, you'll get what you need on time every month without incurring the extra costs. 

Consider Going Thinner

Finally, if you really need to cut your packaging costs, reexamine the type of materials that you use. Often times, just by cutting down on how thick your packaging material is, you can cut a significant amount of cost off your regular packaging bill. Talk to a packaging supplier at a place like Packaging Center Inc if it is possible to use thinner material for your goods.

If you want to save a little money on your custom packaging costs, try one of the four tips listed above. Each of these tips could potentially help you cut down your packaging bill a little bit. If you use all the tips above, you could drastically change your packaging costs.