Becoming A Medical Courier

If you want to be a part of the medical community without being a doctor or nurse, consider becoming a medical courier. You would be contributing by making certain that medical records, specimens, and blood samples are safely transported while following government regulations. With a position as a medical courier, you can make a satisfying living while being a productive member of society. 


Medical couriers often need special training so they can meet OSHA standards. OSHA requires that employers provide formal instruction when an employee who will be exposed to human blood or tissue is hired. The government also dictates that additional training be administered at least once a year for the duration of your employment. If your job changes and involves more exposure, additional training must be provided for you in order to address those changes. 

If you are involved with medical records, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training is needed. HIPAA law requires that an individual's medical records, whether written, electronic, or oral, be kept private. How a medical courier handles these records is strictly regulated and requires specialized training.  


Often a medical courier will work for a lab and be responsible for transporting specimens and blood samples from hospitals and doctors' offices to testing facilities and back again. Usually, you will have established routes and schedules because many medical facilities are not able to run all of their own tests and rely constantly on third parties. You may also be charged with picking up items that have been flown in from overseas or elsewhere in the United States. 


Medical couriers generally just need a high school diploma, but knowledge of basic medical practices and terminology is desirable. You will need a solid driving record and the physical ability to lift a moderate amount of weight. Since you will undergo job-specific training, you should be a quick learner. Also, since you will be making vital medical deliveries, you need to be good with detail and conscientious about your job. Mishandling medical items can cause doctors to delay treatment for sick patients.

If you want to be a medical courier, you will have to exercise even more care than other couriers do. Transporting medical specimens and blood work requires a level of knowledge and reliability that not everyone possesses. You will be doing an important job and earning a decent wage. If you are searching for a new career path, consider becoming a medical courier.