Tips For Packing Porcelain Figurines

If you are shipping some porcelain figurines to a family member, learn how to pack them so they are not damaged as they are being transported. Once your relative receives the package, they will be pleasantly surprised and can enjoy the figurines right away.


  • sturdy cardboard box
  • bubble wrap
  • clear packing tape
  • tape gun
  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • decorative ribbon
  • note card
  • pen
  • packing peanuts
  • fragile stickers

Wrap The Figurines And Secure Them

Individually wrap each figurine with a couple layers of bubble wrap. Make sure that the bubble wrap is snug on all sides. Secure the bubbled wrap with clear packing tape. Place the wrapped figurines in the center of two or three pieces of tissue paper that are lined up evenly.

Choose tissue paper that is a pretty color or that has a design on it so that your relative will see that you took the time out to make the package special and appealing. Wrap the paper around all of the pieces and secure it with packing tape. Cut a piece of decorative ribbon and wrap it around the tissue paper and tie into a bow.

Put The Figurines In A Box And Add Packing Materials

Fill the bottom of a box that is slightly larger than the wrapped figurines with a thin layer of packing peanuts. Set the wrapped figurines on top of the peanuts and push them down gently until they are secure. Write to your relative on a note card so that they are aware that the gift is fragile. This extra step will encourage your relative to be careful when removing the tissue paper and bubble wrap from the figurines.

Place the card in an envelope and write your relative's name across it. Tape the envelope to the top of the tissue paper. Fill the rest of the box with packing peanuts. Secure the box with several pieces of packing tape.

Apply Fragile Stickers To The Box And Insure The Contents

When you drop the box off to a delivery service, ask the clerk to apply a couple stickers to the outside of the box that display that the contents inside are fragile. Insure the package so that you will be reimbursed if the contents are damaged or lost while in transit. Once your relative receives the box, they will be eager to open it and see the beautiful treasures that you have given to them.  For more information about delivery services, contact a company like Kidd Curry Express.