Use Literature Mailers For Book, Magazine, And Pamphlet Shipments

Literature mailers are a type of box packaging that can be utilized for books, magazines, or flyers that need to be shipped. If you own a media center and mail information or products to your client base, you need to be vigilant about the shipping method that you use, since flimsy packaging could result in a client receiving promotional materials or products that are damaged. Literature mailers are easy to assemble and can be customized with your company's logo printed on them.

Mailers Are The Perfect Size For Reading Materials

Shipping a single book or a magazine will not require much packaging, yet you may be skeptical about placing the item inside of an envelope. An envelope could easily tear and cause a product to become lost while in transit. A better product is a corrugated box that possesses dimensions that are slightly larger than the items that you will be shipping. 

A corrugated literature mailer consists of one flat piece of durable cardboard. Score marks are visible on the underside of a mailer. Fold each flap along one of the marks and insert the ends of the flaps inside of the grooves that are cut into the cardboard. After assembling this type of mailer, you will notice that the sleek design and sturdiness of the box will be a welcome addition to your shipping materials. You do not need tape, glue, or staples to assemble this type of packaging.

Bubble Wrap And Larger Mailers Can Be Used To Secure Multiple Items

Because of the simplicity of the design, bring some literature mailers along with you when you will be attending business meetings or expos and may need to send out some materials to new or existing clients. Choose standard literature mailers that are relatively flat when closed or select some that have a larger width and depth and that are designed to hold a series of books.

If you are going to be mailing a group of books or pamphlets and would like to keep everything neatly categorized, use a bubble envelope to secure each set of items that is being categorized before placing all of the materials inside of one of the mailers. The mailers will prevent books and magazines from shifting while they are being transported to a recipient. For packaging that stands out, request that your mailers contain a printed logo or business name that is located along the top part of each mailer. 

To learn more about your options for box packaging, contact a shipping company is your area.