Use Literature Mailers For Book, Magazine, And Pamphlet Shipments

Literature mailers are a type of box packaging that can be utilized for books, magazines, or flyers that need to be shipped. If you own a media center and mail information or products to your client base, you need to be vigilant about the shipping method that you use, since flimsy packaging could result in a client receiving promotional materials or products that are damaged. Literature mailers are easy to assemble and can be customized with your company's logo printed on them.

Why You Should Use Silica Gel Packets When You Ship Goods To Your Customers

If you're starting an e-commerce business or you're selling things from an online auction site and sending products through the mail, then you may be concerned about how your products will survive during transit. Your customers expect to receive their orders in pristine condition, and one small thing you can do to help is use silica gel packets in your shipping containers. Here's why these are helpful, as well as and how you use them.

Prepare Your Boat's Interior For Transport

Whether you're sending the vessel to a buyer or sending the boat to your new home, you want the boat to arrive at its destination without damage. While the transport company plays a considerable role in the process, their commitment does not mean you don't have any obligations. Particularly when it comes to the boat's interior, there are several things you need to do before you send the vessel off for transport; here are some of them.

6 Mistakes That Are Interfering With The Efficiency Of Your Supply Chain Logistics

It's important to optimize your supply chain logistics to ensure that you're getting your product out efficiently. Unfortunately, a lot of companies make supply chain logistical mistakes that lead to wasted effort and excessive labor and supply costs. The following are six mistakes to avoid in order to increase the efficiency of your supply chain logistics. 1. You're not putting enough thought into where you're placing your inventory. You need to place inventory in an area where you can be sure that your carrying costs will be minimized.

Why Should You Be Considering An Intermodal Trucking Or Transportation Company?

If you are someone with a business that requires deliveries to be made around the country, one of the most common issues you'll be dealing with is how to best get your products to retailers and customers. You might have heard of intermodal transportation but aren't quite sure how well it could work for your business. Here are some reasons you might consider intermodal trucking and transportation services. You Want to Save Money