Avoid These Three Mistakes When Moving Your Small Business To A New Building

When your small business has grown to the point that you have bought or leased a bigger space, moving can be stressful. Here are some mistakes to avoid during the process so that you and your employees can get back to your daily routine as soon as possible. Not Adhering to a Moving Schedule You may be planning to move on a particular day and want to avoid thinking too much about the move until then.

Why You Should Have Your Groceries Delivered

There are an increasing number of things that you can simply do online, such as paying your bills or ordering a hammer. But you may find yourself still hopping in the car to head to the grocery store. There are some advantages to heading to the grocery store, such as not having to pay for shipping. But the benefits of a grocery delivery service are much more numerous.    

The Basic Responsibilities Of A Fleet Mechanic In The Trucking Industry

If you have some experience in the shipping industry and hold qualifications as a semi-truck or diesel mechanic, finding a position as a fleet mechanic for a trucking company is an ideal job opportunity. Whether you are just getting your footing in fleet mechanics or you are a student looking to gather necessary skills to get to this position, it is a good idea to take a look at the basic skills that a fleet mechanic has on the job.

Safety Tips That All Riggers Need To Know

Rigging is one of the most important jobs in a shipyard. After all, if a load is rigged incorrectly or the rigging fails altogether, it puts all of the workers in the immediate area in danger. Because of this, you need to make sure that your heavy lift crane operators are properly trained and take the safety precautions as needed. Check out these safety tips and share them with your riggers.

Tips For Packing Porcelain Figurines

If you are shipping some porcelain figurines to a family member, learn how to pack them so they are not damaged as they are being transported. Once your relative receives the package, they will be pleasantly surprised and can enjoy the figurines right away. Materials sturdy cardboard box bubble wrap clear packing tape tape gun tissue paper scissors decorative ribbon note card pen packing peanuts fragile stickers Wrap The Figurines And Secure Them